get your truck detailed the quality way

what is SUV & truck detailing?

As we all know, owning a truck comes with many fabulous perks. However, on the downside, we also know how dirty and hard to maintain they can be. Therefore, maintenance of your truck should not be exclusive to under the hood.

If you want to preserve the paint and interior of your truck, you will need to get it detailed at least 3 times a year. Doing this will increase the quality of all your rides and increase the resale value and or trade-in when you want to upgrade or gift it to your children.

Trucks are made heavy duty for a reason, but that does not mean you can’t ride clean. 

SUV Detailing by Twenty5Eight

Exterior Cleaning

When it comes to washing the exterior of your truck, it’s best that this job is done by hand. Similar to washing a smaller vehicle, we use a multi level process. 

After rinsing your truck with deionized water. We wash using a premium soap foam.  While the premium soap sets in and attacks dirt and other unwanted threats to the paint, we then initiate a two-person scrub of the entire vehicle using a Chenille microfiber premium scratch-free wash mitt.

Finally, we use multiple extra plush dry microfiber hand towels to free the vehicle of water completely. 

Interior Cleaning

Large SUVs such as Dodge Durango’s, Buick Enclaves, Chevrolet Traverse, Nissan Armada, etc. These types of vehicles are wide and long and contain numerous compartments and hidden spaces that are often neglected for years. 

Because these vehicles are usually bought to inhabit whole families, people tend to have kids that leave fries and spill milk and other beverages throughout the entire vehicle. Families also like to utilize the space for long road trips and camping trips, which also comes with tracking in heavy dirt and sometimes mud. 

When leaving your vehicle in this type of condition unserved for too long it can and will result in odors, the decay of carpet and upholstery, ruined leather, tears, warped plastic, and a diminishing operating system. This will bring down the value of your vehicle tremendously and age it at an extremely rapid pace.  

Truck Interior detailed by Twenty5Eight

Service Packages

full CROSSOVER & small truck detail

only $260


full suv detail

only $275

Full SUV

full suv with third row detail

only $325

full large truck detail

only $320

large truck

interior only detail (crossover & small truck)

only $210

interior only detail (full suv & truck)

only $230

interior only detail (suv w/third row)

only $255

exterior only detail (full suv & trucks)

only $95

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