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why get my suv detailed?

SUV’s are a symbol of modern suburban living. They are responsible for getting a whole soccer or baseball team to practice and transporting the entire family, including pets across the country on vacation and much more. 

If you own a SUV, there’s a pretty good chance that you have spent your fair share behind the wheel chauffeuring kids and transporting what seems like a years worth of groceries.

So much of life happens in a SUV that the owners forget the type of damage these vehicles are subject to both inside and out. However, you can keep your people mover running and looking smooth through SUV detailing by the pros at Twenty5Eight Mobile Detailing.

SUV Detailing by Twenty5Eight

Exterior Cleaning

When it comes to washing the exterior of your SUV, it’s best that this job is done by hand. Similar to washing a smaller vehicle, we use a multi level process. 

After rinsing your SUV with deionized water. We wash using a premium soap foam.  While the premium soap sets in and attacks dirt and other unwanted threats to the paint, we then initiate a two-person scrub of the entire vehicle using a microfiber premium scratch-free wash mitt.

Finally, we use multiple extra plush dry microfiber hand towels to free the vehicle of water completely. 

Interior Cleaning

We all know what type of abuse a SUV is subject to on the inside.  We use the power of steam and hard work to make sure your suburban chariot is brought back to life and looking new again.  

Because these vehicles are usually bought to inhabit whole families, people tend to have kids that leave fries and spill milk and other beverages throughout the entire vehicle. Families also like to utilize the space for long road trips and camping trips, which also comes with tracking in heavy dirt and sometimes mud. 

When leaving your vehicle in this type of condition unserved for too long it can and will result in odors, the decay of carpet and upholstery, ruined leather, tears, warped plastic, and a diminishing operating system. This will bring down the value of your vehicle tremendously and age it at an extremely rapid pace.  

Truck Interior detailed by Twenty5Eight

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