Mobile Camper & RV Detailing

get your RV detailed the quality way

what is Camper & RV detailing?

Proper care and maintenance of your Camper, RV, or trailer requires more effort to keep clean than your typical SUV or truck. Not just because of their size but the way they are constructed. Cleaning such a large vehicle does have its challenges. Other car washing companies struggle to clean a complex vehicle with its many shapes and angles. At Twenty5Eight, we have years of experience with not just large trucks and SUVs; we are experts at campers and RVs.

Not every RV is the same and can turn into a complex operation if you don’t know what you are doing. We know every RV or camper is different, so it requires a different approach each time to achieve that immaculate machine you are looking for. Call Twenty5Eight to book everything from a brand new straight off the showroom floor RV to that old neglected RV in your backyard and everything in between.   

RV Detailing

Exterior Cleaning

Our camper and RV detailing services will keep your RV looking slick and protected great from the outdoor elements like the sun and keep it from aging from oxidation and other factors that cause deterioration. We recommend regular washing at least a few times every season to keep your camper or RV in tip-top shape.

Not only will you enjoy that clean feeling, but your RV will keep looking great and help avoid future repairs. A clean and well-maintained RV will also help you maintain a higher resale value.

Our exterior cleaning process will bring oxidized paint and fiberglass surfaces back to new and clean all those small areas where dirt and dust tend to congregate and get stuck. Also, our exterior waxing process helps avoid these problems in the future.

Interior Cleaning

The interior of your camper or RV can be more important than the exterior. Some RV interiors we have seen are expansive and luxurious and require proper care and protection.

In addition, when you live in your camper or RV for an extended period, you want it to look and smell great. We offer complete interior and exterior RV detailing services. That means we clean everything in and out! That includes kitchens, bathrooms, fridges, carpets and couches, and everything between! So if you are looking for that deep clean, we’ve got your back!

RV Interior Detailing

Camper & RV Detailing Service Packages

Interior Detailing

$14 per Linear Foot

Exterior Detailing

$9 per Linear Foot