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what is Boat detailing?

Boats in Utah have specific cleaning and detailing needs that vary significantly from your car, truck or RV. These specific boat detailing requirements should be attended to regularly. Many parts on boats are relatively simple to maintain and protect, but if neglected or not taken care of properly can present significant problems that are expensive and time-consuming to repair. You can trust Twenty5Eight to detail a boat the way it should be detailed. Your boat faces many conditions and elements in Utah that beat down on its surfaces. For example, gel coats oxidize, and the interior dries up and cracks. Other elements, like hard water, make boats look older much faster than they should.

Our detailing services will protect your boat, inside and out, and help maintain its appearance. We clean and protect any metal, vinyl, plastics, fiberglass, gel coat, and decals that it has. We also clean and detail your boat’s trailer and wheels.
In addition to preventing oxidation and making your boat more stain-resistant. A properly rinsed, cleaned, and waxed hull will glide through the lake, keeping your boat a smooth ride when you most need it.

A protected and appropriately detailed boat is a happy boat. The more you maintain and protect your boat, the longer it will last, and the less you will spend later keeping it up to your standard.

Boat Detailing

Exterior Cleaning

Our exterior boat restoration process can bring a poorly maintained gel coat back to life and make it shine better than new. Once the exterior is restored, we can protect your boat with wax, sealant, or even a ceramic coat.

We meticulously wash each inch of your boat to remove potentially harmful grime, salt, or other harmful effects from our corrosive environment. Next, we hand dry it to prep it for the application of high-quality wax and then buff it to a perfect shine.

For everything else, like the vinyl, metal parts and glass, you can rest assured that in true Twenty5Eight style, we will have the rest of your boat looking fine.

Interior Cleaning

Our interior boat detailing services will also bring back a neglected interior and help it look clean as a whistle. We use our advanced cleaning techniques to remove spills, stains, mold, and mildew.

A dirty and poorly maintained interior can lead to many more problems in the future that can ruin interior vinyl and fabrics. These can be very costly to repair or replace, so keeping them well maintained from the beginning can be much more cost-effective.

Regular boat detailing is necessary to maintain your boat’s appearance, keep it functioning well, and preserve its resale value. Plus, it will make it much more pleasant to enjoy when you take it out on the lake with friends and family.

Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing Service Packages

interior detailing

Starting at: $250

exterior detailing

Only $23 Per Linear Foot

*Please contact us with any further questions.