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Why Get A Detail

Mobile Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It is a meticulous step-by-step process to restore your vehicle’s beauty and protect your investment.

The truth is that your car has always been a breeding ground for germs. Think about all the the things you have touched and then get into your car and grab your steering wheel. Have you ever thought about the bottom of your shoes and the amount of gunk that it drags onto your floorboards? Gross right?

When you take those things into consideration you begin to see why getting your car detailed is for more than just looks.

Why choose us

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100% Mobile

Being 100% mobile enables us to come anywhere you need us to be. We have our own power and water supply!


We’re Professional and Knowledgeable

We treat YOU and your vehicle with the respect it deserves. All of our Detailing Techs have years of experience.

We’re Reliable &

We will NEVER sacrifice on quality. Our detailing techs are certified, licensed and insured.

Detailing a car perfectly

What We Do

We understand time is money. That’s one of our biggest considerations when working with clients. We keep things affordable yet still provide an expensive top of the line detail.

Take a look at everything we cover:

Mobile Detailing

We all know that shiny paint turns heads, so exterior surfaces tend to get the majority of money, time, and attention. But we shouldn’t forget that we spend a significant amount of time inside our vehicles and not laying on top of it. Your car’s interior should be treated like you would your own bedroom. At Twenty5eight Mobile Detailing, we believe in making your vehicle as clean and as comfortable as possible.

Packages we offer:

-Interior Only

-Exterior Only 

-Full Detail

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Ferrari Car detailing by Twenty 5 Eight

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What Customers Say About Us

I’m thrilled I found these guys, they are 100% worth the investment in your car! I’ve tried several companies and although they weren’t necessarily bad, they weren’t ever great; I never left feeling like the high price tag was worth the service. However, the team at Twenty5Eight went above and beyond with my car detail. It’s been over two weeks and my car still sparkles like it’s brand new! I highly recommend the ceramic wax as well, the hard water spots looked like permanent marks and not only are they GONE, it has rained twice since and the rain just rolls right off. So aside from the excellent results, the crew was professional, quick, efficient and what mattered the most was it was obvious they were excited about what they did. Seeing these guys take such pride in their work regardless of working all day in 100+ degree weather with no shade at all is exactly why they provide nothing less than perfection. They care about you, your vehicle and the work they do. This is a service 100% worth investing in for yourself, the extended quality of your vehicle's value and an opportunity to support a young small business that’s out there doing good work! Ok that’s all, get your car detailed, you deserve it!

Sarah Scott

The guys at Twenty 5 Eight did an amazing job on my car! I was surprised they were able to get it so clean, my kids and dog had done a number on my car and I was just hoping it would look decent. When the team dropped my car off, it looked better than new! Inside and out, these guys had my car looking better than it ever has! They are also great at communicating, I knew when they were going to pick my car up and drop it off. Highly recommend this small business to anyone!​

Stacy Harker

The level of professionalism was A1. I’m excited to use the service again!

Nikki Walker

Did the most amazing job. My car looks better than when I bought it, even after several camping trips, visiting the salt flats, and a road trip to Yellowstone. Would definitely use their services again.

Annie Preece

Car Detailing FAQ

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Depending on the severity of the vehicle it takes roughly 2.5 hours to execute a full detail. 

If you want to maintain the value of your vehicle and preserve the paint you should get your vehicle detailed at very least 2 times a year. 

To remove pet hair simply purchase a rubber hair removal brush.

To get odor out you will have to get your target area where the odor is primarily coming from, shampoo it then steam it and repeat the process. Afterwards using an odor killing fabric spray will help tremendously. 

A ceramic wax when applied correctly will seal and protect your paint while increasing the longevity of the paint overall. It will add a shine to it that is very pleasing to the eye. 

Yes we shampoo clients’ vehicles upon their request.